Raising fighting chickens to get rich: The secret to success and profit

Raising fighting chickens to get rich is an idea that has existed for a long time but is still always new and attractive in the current era. This method will bring you a significant source of income if you know how to properly care for and train it. Let’s kubet mb Discover details about breeding, care, training and ways to make money below.

The benefits of raising fighting chickens to get rich

Raising fighting chickens is not simply a hobby but also a potential business opportunity. Farming brings many attractive benefits, from high profitability to stable market demand, and does not require large areas. Refer to the following:

  • High profits: Adult fighting chickens have a much higher selling price than regular chickens. Especially the ones that have won matches.
  • Stable demand: Fighting cocks are always in high demand during festivals and events, ensuring output for your products.
  • Small space: No need for a large area, this model is suitable for many households with limited space.
  • Open market: You can expand your business to sell breeds, provide training services and rent fighting cocks.

How to choose a standard fighting chicken breed

Choosing the right breed is the first and most important step to feed Fighting cocks get rich. Here are some points that farmers need to pay attention to:

Distinguish between roosters and hens

When chickens are young, distinguishing male or female with the naked eye is not easy. However, there is a simple trick you can apply: hang it upside down. While the female often kicks hard to try to escape, the male usually lies still without reacting. This method is simple but quite effective for identifying the gender of chickens early.

Choose healthy varieties

To have strong fighting cocks, choosing healthy breeds is a prerequisite. You should prioritize choosing animals with a balanced appearance, smooth fur, and bright eyes. Healthy chicken breeds often have high resistance and are less susceptible to diseases, thereby ensuring high economic efficiency.

Verified origin

Buying chicken from reputable sources with clear origins is an important factor to ensure breed quality. You should research carefully about the farms that provide the breed, check their reputation and feedback from previous farmers. A reputable farm not only provides quality seeds but also supports you with farming and care techniques.

How to care and feed when raising fighting chickens to get rich

Care and provision of proper nutrition are key factors determining the development and fighting ability of fighting cocks. Proper care helps healthy chickens increase resistance. Thanks to that, the cocks are always in the best condition to participate in matches. Here are detailed instructions:
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  • Newly hatched chicks: Use industrial bran in the first month, then add foods such as pig cartilage, beef, worms, snakes, and green vegetables.
  • Adult chicken: Sprouted boiled rice, supplemented with pork, beef, eel, snake. Make sure the chickens get enough food and drink clean water mixed with vitamin C and glucose.

Keep warm and clean

  • Keep warm: Make sure the cage temperature is always warm, especially when the chickens are young.
  • Hygiene: The barn must always be clean, dry, and well-ventilated. Thanks to that, pets will avoid diseases.

Comprehensive health care

You need to get regular vaccinations to prevent common diseases. Besides, supplementing vitamins and minerals in the daily diet is also necessary. In particular, you should pay attention to providing enough vitamin C and other essential nutrients to help them have strong resistance.

How to train fighting cocks effectively?

Training fighting cocks is an important process to turn ordinary birds into true warriors, serving the purpose of fighting. Raise fighting chickens to get rich. Training steps include:

  • Increase physical strength: Let chickens jog and pull tires to increase health and endurance.
  • Skills training: Train your chickens in attack and defense techniques through practice matches.
  • Fighting spirit: Raising with experienced animals to enhance fighting spirit.

Each training session needs to be done regularly and methodically, helping them become more flexible and brave in matches.

Methods to make money from raising fighting chickens to get rich

There are many ways to make money from raising fighting cocks, from participating in professional fights to providing related services. Below are specific ways you can maximize profits from raising fighting chickens to get rich.

  • Participate in matches: Winning matches brings big bonuses and increases the prestige of your cock.
  • Trading fighting chickens and chicken breeds: Selling breeds and young chickens, providing rental services, and training fighting cocks.
  • Providing products and services: Selling food, veterinary medicine, and products related to fighting cockfighting

Participating in these activities helps you expand your business network and increase your income.


Raising fighting chickens to get rich is a journey full of challenges but also full of promise. With proper care, training, and business, you can completely turn this passion into a stable and growing source of income. Hopefully the above information from Kubet will help you have a clearer and more detailed view of raising fighting chickens to get rich. Hope you soon reap sweet fruits from this work!

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