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Shenling: Revolutionizing Commercial Comfort with Air Source Heat Pumps

As a leading heat pump manufacturer in China, Shenling has become a pioneer in the field of eco-thermal solutions. Dedicated to enhancing space heating, energy storage and energy management through renewable energy sources, Shenling offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge products, especially in the air source heat pump commercial.

Redefining Commercial Comfort with Shenling

Shenling, a subsidiary of Shenling Co., Ltd., is located in the bustling hub of Shunde, at the heart of the Pearl River Delta in China. Renowned for its unwavering dedication to providing eco-thermal systems for space heating, energy storage, and management, Shenling has emerged as a frontrunner in the field.

Innovation in Commercial Heat Pump Systems

Polaris E Series Commercial Heat Pump:

Exhibiting at the pr igious 2023 ISH and Warsaw commercial expos, the Polaris E Series is set to redefine commercial heating.With a remarkable -26°C low ambient temperature capability and a water discharge temperature of 55°C, this heat pump thrives even in challenging conditions.

Engineered for Efficiency and Performance

  • Hermetic Compressor: Equipped with a hermetic scroll compressor from an internationally renowned brand, this system boasts flexibility, reliability, and efficiency. A one-way valve enhances safety and longevity.
  • Axial Aluminum Alloy Low Noise Fan: Employing advanced blade design, this fan minimizes air turbulence, reducing cyclone effects and noise, while delivering high air volume.


Shenling’s dedication to innovation and excellence extends to the realm of commercial air source heat pumps. With a range of high-performance solutions like the Polaris E Series, Shenling is poised to reshape the landscape of commercial heating and cooling. These advanced systems not only elevate comfort but also promote energy efficiency and sustainability, making Shenling a trusted partner for businesses seeking enhanced commercial comfort.

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