What Are Betting Odds? How to Read New88 Odds Correctly 2024

Betting odds is a term that is no longer unfamiliar to many players today. However, many newcomers still do not know what this term is or how to read it. To know and master the information, follow along New88 Please read the article below.

Introducing New88 betting odds

Betting odds are a concept in the world of soccer betting, referring to the odds that the bookmaker sets based on an assessment of the class difference between the two participating teams. The strong team will be considered the upper team, while the weak team will be the lower team. Odds rules are adjusted based on the objectivity of the two teams, with lower odds when the difference between the two teams is not large and vice versa.
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With the increase in demand for participating in soccer betting, reputable betting sites provide many different forms so players have many choices. Each odds comes with attractive rewards, with more bets having the chance to receive larger bonuses when winning.

Basic betting odds on New88 today

Today, in many countries around the world, there are many different types known to many people. These types have distinct gameplay and experiences. The three most popular types are: Asian, Sic Bo and European.

Asian Betting

Asian handicap, also known as handicap or Macau handicap, is a popular form of comparing the strength and level between two competing teams. Especially popular in the Asian betting community, this type of bet is chosen by many players because of its fairness.

Asian Handicap has many different levels, usually the home team will be assigned a starting point, and the away team will be evaluated based on that score. By monitoring betting odds, players can determine which teams are overrated and underrated.

European Odds

Betting in the form of European odds is one of the most popular ways among the betting community in Europe. This is considered the original betting method.

This form has three options: Option for the home team, option for draw and option for the away team. Because there are only three types of options, jobs betting odds European handicaps are also easily managed by the house.

When participating in this form, players will know which team will win based on the soccer score. They can also rely on experience and advice from experts on reputable soccer betting forums.

Over/under odds

Over/under bets are one of the most popular types of bets. To evaluate whether the result of a match is over, under or draw, players also need to consider the betting odds of the total number of goals scored in that match.

  • If the total number of goals exceeds the bookmaker’s bet, you will win the bet.
  • If the total number of goals is less than the bookmaker’s initial bet, the player will win the under bet.
  • If the total number of goals equals the bookmaker’s bet, the result will be a draw.

How to read New88 soccer odds today

If you are having difficulty reading soccer betting odds, don’t worry, we will provide specific instructions for your reference. Let’s take a look at the following reading methods.
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Draw bet

Draw odds, also known as bronze odds. This means that if you bet on a certain result and the match ends in a draw, you will get your bet back.

Half ball bet

If you want to read the betting odds of this bet, you need to clearly distinguish which team is placed on the upper side and which team is placed on the lower side (the upper side is usually the stronger team). In the event of a tie, the team on the higher side will beat the team on the lower side and half of the bet will be returned to the player.

Read the betting odds in the half-left handicap

If the leading team handicaps the bottom team, the winner will receive the bet amount. How to read the left half handicap is as follows:

  • If the team on the top side wins, the person betting on that side will win the entire amount, while the person betting on the bottom side will lose the entire corresponding amount.
  • If the team over loses or draws, the person betting on the under will win the entire amount of the team over the over. This method is often used to read odds with values ​​such as 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 and usually gives quite accurate results.

Above is all the basic information about betting odds that many of you are looking for. Hopefully the above sharing will be a foundation for players who want to explore. I hope you read and know the types of bets when participating in New88 betting so you can win the bet easily.

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