What is Lot 2 Numbers? How to Play Online Lottery at HI88 Bookmaker

Two-number lottery is one of the forms of lottery play that is highly appreciated by many experts. Accordingly, the winning rate when applying this method is often higher than the other methods. In addition, the above form also helps you save time and effort to look for results like other methods out there hii88.

Introduction What is 2-number lot?

2-digit lottery, also known as 2-digit lottery, is a form in which players apply betting methods based on the last 2 numbers of the lottery results. Normally, these 2 numbers are taken from special prizes or 2nd prizes and 3rd prizes of stations. Accordingly, you only need to correctly predict the last 2 numbers of the results of the above prizes to have the ability to win. It can be said that 2-number lottery is chosen by many people because the winning rate is higher than the usual way of predicting lottery results.

The above way of playing has a quite high win rate and is always the top choice of today’s players. In HI88 lottery, the above method of play is also chosen and successful by many players. This has partly proven the appeal of the above method of playing lots. Let’s take a look at the advantages that cannot be ignored when talking about 2-number lotteries:

  • There is a very high winning rate, from 50 – 65% depending on the type of play and the way of betting.
  • There are many different prediction methods to choose the right numbers.
  • The way to play is simple, anyone can apply and choose for themselves lottery pairs with a high chance of winning.

Payout rate in Lot 2 numbers

Questions about payout rates or how much you can win in the lottery are always topics that many people are interested in. Accordingly, depending on the different types of lottery games, the payout rates will be different.

For example, with the offline form, you will win 25,000 VND – 80,000 VND for 1 lot point. Meanwhile, with online play, each house will have a much more attractive reward level. Specifically at HI88, the winning amount of this form of play will be 1 to 99. This is a very attractive bonus that anyone should not miss when coming to the casino’s lottery lobby.

How to play online lottery – 2-number lottery at HI88

With the advantages of ease of play, ease of winning as well as high applicability. This method of playing 2-number lottery is always the top choice of many bookmakers. In particular, with its prestige and outstanding quality of pharmaceutical services, HI88 is proud to become a reputable brand that attracts a large number of players to participate.

However, not everyone can understand how to play easily. That’s why we bring you detailed information on extremely simple instructions on how to play 2-number lottery at HI88:

Step 1: Visit the HI88 homepage and log in

To be able to bet in general and play lotteries in particular on HI88, you need to be a member here. If you have not yet registered as a member of the house, you need to quickly create an account. This will help you not miss any exciting betting moments here.

After registering an account and becoming a member of Hi88. Players continue to access the official link and provide the necessary login information.

Step 2: Search and click on HI88’s online lottery lobby

Once the login process is complete, you can proceed to search for the lottery lobby on HI88’s homepage. Normally this lobby will appear in the options section on the main website or on the toolbar of the home page.
See :

Step 3: Select the lottery section and choose to bet on 2 numbers

At HI88’s lottery result prediction interface, players continue to click on the lot number section. Enter the predicted number and bet an amount appropriate to your financial ability. Lottery results will be announced at the time of drawing each day.


It can be said that 2-number lotteries have become a trend of choice for many people with outstanding advantages. This form is always the top choice of many lottery players because the winning rate is very high. In addition, this is also an opportunity for new players to get closer to the subject of lottery. HI88 Proud to be a unit that always accompanies you in attractive betting scenes with the above lottery genre. Hopefully through that news, you will have a clearer view of how to play 2-number lottery on HI88!

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