What is Poker? The most detailed and complete way to play Poker in 2023!

Poker is an extremely popular entertainment product in VietnamBookmaker New88.com. A rich game room system is continuously deployed with attractive bonuses, promising to bring players countless exciting experiences. To participate in this unique game, you should clearly understand all the information below.

Learn what Poker is?

Poker is a popular betting product that covers every casino. The game uses a 52-card poker set and is deployed for a maximum of 5 betting rounds. The members’ task is to combine 2 cards in their hand with the community cards to create the strongest hand.

At world-class casinos like Las Vegas, Poker betting tables are always crowded with players participating with extremely large bets. The subject is also regularly organized into large tournaments worth billions of dollars for experts to compete to show off their superior tactics.

Nowadays, Poker cards appear popular at online bookies and are extremely loved by the Vietnamese gaming community. Entering the game, you will clearly feel the tense and dramatic atmosphere along with the players’ caution and patience. To win, in addition to luck, bettors must also have certain strategies and experience.

Detailed rules need to be understood when playing Poker

A loose deck of 52 cards will have 2 Jokers removed and the game will allow 2 – 10 members to participate. You will be dealt by the Dealer to 2 random cards called Hole Cards. This is the secret weapon that helps bettors win in Poker card games.

At the table, the person who bets first is Big Blind (BB), randomly selected by the system. The member sitting to the left of the Dealer, Small Blind (SM), continues to make a down payment with a value equal to ½ BB.

According to Poker rules, a match can take place in a maximum of 4 rounds: Pre-flop, Flop, Turn and River. After the end, the member with the strongest hand will win and all the prize money in the pot. In case everyone folds, the only remaining player will win.

Familiar terms in the card game Poker

To confidently participate in Poker, you need to master the following basic terms:

  • Bet: Is the first bet made by BB. The remaining members will rely on this value to calculate the amount of money they want to play.
  • Call: If someone has bet before and you use the Call command if you want to bet the same value with them to close the table.
  • Raise: When playing Poker, if you want to raise more, use the Raise command to place a higher bet than the previous bet to increase pressure on your opponent.
  • Check: If you are wondering how to bet, you use this action to check your cards and keep the money from that round transferred to the next round.
  • All-in: Bet all in by putting all your money into the match. The command is used when you have a really strong hand.
  • Fold: If you see that your hand is too bad to win, you choose to fold and leave the bet at the end of the game.

The order of Poker cards determines the strength of the hand

After 4 rounds and more than 1 member remaining, hand strength will be the key point to determine victory or defeat. Hand is a link made up of 2 initial secret cards and the cards on the table (Community Cards). The strength of the hands is arranged in descending order as follows!

Royal Flush – Lobby clearing barrel

This is the strongest hand in the Poker card game made up of 5 cards of the same suit and has a fixed value from 10 to A. If you are lucky enough to have this combination, you have a chance of winning up to 99%. However, the rate of Royal Flush appearing is very low.
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Straight Flush

This is the second strongest hand when playing Poker, built from a combination of 5 identical cards, with increasing value but not Royal Flush. Links rarely appear and give players a great advantage.

Four of a kind – Four of a kind

The chance of winning Poker is 70% if you own 4 cards of the same value and 1 junk card. In case there are 2 members with four of a kind, the Dealer will compare the value of the cards to divide the high and low.

Full House – Dog

Hand Poker is made up of 3 cards of the same value and a pair. If there are 2 people with the same number, the win or loss is judged based on the trio and then the pair.

Flush – Same substance

The hand is formed from 5 cards of the same suit but their values ​​are not consecutive. In a Poker game, there are 2 players holding Flush in their hands, the person with the highest card will win.

Straight – Hall

The probability of winning when creating a hall is not too high. A link is a combination of 5 consecutive cards but of different suit and order of strength, ranked 6th in Poker hands. Victory belongs to the person with the highest card if there are 2 or more members who own the same Straight.

Three of a kind – Sám

This Poker hand is built from 3 cards of the same value and 2 odd cards. When 2 bettors appear, the win is determined by comparing the 3rd set first and then the trash.

Two Pair – You

This is a hand consisting of 2 different pairs and 1 trash. In a situation where there are 2 players holding cards, the Dealer compares the value of each pair before deciding whether to win or lose with odd cards.

Pair – A pair

Your Poker card showing a pair and 3 trash cards will be called a Pair. After comparing pairs of equal values, the bettors win or lose based on the odd cards. The possibility of you making money from this situation is quite low.

High Cards – High cards

This is the lowest hand when playing Poker, but you can still win if you have a smart strategy. At this time, all 5 cards you own are trash without any connection. The person with the highest High Cards wins.

How to play Poker specifically through each round

As mentioned, a Poker game consists of 4 betting rounds that require players to be brave and mentally strong. To understand better, please follow the following specific sequence:

Pre-flop – The first round of Poker

After BB and SB have both placed bets, participating members are dealt 2 secret cards by the Dealer. Letters play clockwise from the Small Bind position. If the cards are too bad, you should choose to fold from the beginning so as not to lose a lot of money.

Flop – Deal 3 community cards for Poker

At the beginning of the Flop round, the Dealer deals 3 Community Cards openly in the middle of the table. You create a hand from 2 Hole Cards and make appropriate decisions based on that. If the first player bets, the next member can only call or go all-in.

Turn – Reveals the 4th community card

The 4th Community Cards will be dealt by the Dealer on the table for members to compare and create suitable hands. At this point, you need to calculate carefully to avoid making hasty mistakes. If you feel the card has a high chance of winning, you choose to double Raise to keep the bet at the table.

River – Make the last public post public

This is the final round of extremely important Poker. Dealer turns over the last Community Cards and you choose to create the strongest hand for a chance to win. Players can choose to Fold if they feel not confident about their cards. When the 4 betting rounds end, all remaining members on the betting table open cards to compare high and low hands.

How to calculate winnings when playing Poker

Understanding the standard formula for calculating money when playing Poker is an important content that you cannot ignore:

  • The player’s bets are put together into 1 pot. When playing at a traditional casino, you only need to have enough chips for the Dealer to put in the pot. With the online form, you press the Bet, Call, Raise commands.
  • The number of betting chips for Poker cards is purchased by you from the beginning and will cost a little money to the house.
  • The winner gets all bet chips in the Pot. If you exercise the All-in right, the bonus will only be calculated until the time you use the order.
  • At reputable bookmakers, Poker winnings are paid fairly and transparently, so you can rest assured.

Play the prestigious prize-winning Poker card game at New88

Currently, Poker is an attractive entertainment product that appears in many interesting versions such as live casino with real people or 3D game tables with beautiful interfaces. To have a quality gaming experience, you choose to come to New88 for the following reasons:

  • The reputable bookmaker operates legally under the protection of the Philippine government and many other famous betting organizations in the world.
  • Poker tables are continuously deployed by New88 to fully meet the gaming needs of customers.
  • The house owns an advanced security system that provides an absolutely safe betting space, effectively preventing illegal intrusions.
  • High odds, quick payment mechanism and speedy processing ensure players deposit and withdraw easily.
  • Professional customer service services are always dedicated to bringing the highest satisfaction to bettors.
  • The large New88 Poker card game member community creates a vibrant and effective learning and exchange environment.
  • The house offers many promotions to help members increase their capital and comfortably play Poker every day.


All ways to play Poker have been compiled and updated in detail in this article. This is a relatively difficult entertainment game that requires bettors to master the rules and flexible strategies. To participate in conquering the Poker game with the best experience, please choose to go with the reputable house New88.

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