What is Xoc Dia? How to play coin toss and always win

Knowing how to play coin toss can determine whether you win or lose in this topic. Despite many differences, online and offline coin tossing are similar in some characteristics that make it worth considering both. All tips for playing coin toss in real life or online are about some basic rules. You can learn and apply it in seconds and win on gambling sites. With Nhà cái new88 Find out below.

What is Xoc Dia?

Xoc Dia is a game that uses coins and discs to shake and predict the results of heads. This game has been around for a long time and is not difficult to imagine. As you can see, Tet games and home games also have this theme, easy to bet, easy to install and make money. With the strong development and popularity of Vietnamese players, this topic is developed by many bookmakers and game portals in the system. Statistics show that large bookmakers have an average of about 2 million games per day. This number clearly shows the attractiveness of the game in the betting village.

How to play dice

I also shared that the way to play coin toss is too easy. Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • Plate
  • Bowl
  • 4 identical coins

When playing online, the display also contains these basic parts. Also, be careful when adding function keys to receive money or bet bonuses. Players can watch the dealer/dealer shake the dice and make predictions about the possible consequences when the dice are opened. Often inferred by color or parity. Coins are usually color coded red and white. Your task is to choose how many shades of white and red there are in a single color. The same applies to parity. The dealer decides which results are even and which results are odd when placing bets. The rules of coin toss are often discussed.

  • Even numbers: 4 white, 4 red, 2 white – 2 red.
  • Odd numbers: 1 white – 3 red, 3 red – white.

To help you visualize the table and actual poker play, I found a video that simulates the time from shock to losing money and determining the winner.

How to play dice and always win

To gain experience playing dice, you need to know whether to play online or in person. Most bettors today play online lobby games, so sharing winning tips in this lobby is a top priority. At the same time, we still have experience that we can apply to real play. You may consider applying. The secret is that you can play Bau Cua bluff with the same trick.

Read the instructions carefully and win every time

  • The first step to betting is to learn the house rules. Units usually have the same rules in terms of betting rules and how the amount is calculated.
  • However, some units can still have adjustments to make the game more attractive.
  • To avoid confusion with inaccurate information, you need to know how to work and make the right choices.
  • Good cards are not always favored by players, but if you understand the rules of the game, your winning rate will of course increase.

Hacking software to cheat on coin tossing rules

  • Hacking tools are used to find out the results that players should bet on. However, using this software is also very dangerous.
  • These tools are often installed on the phone and run in parallel while playing games. Apply research and analysis to find the rules and algorithms of the game you are playing.
  • However, some requests are made just to trick the players themselves. They are built by the bookmakers themselves to entice players to bet.
  • Some other tools require players to pay a fee. Therefore, you should research carefully before using any result hacking software.
  • Additionally, if the dealer finds out, your account will be locked and you will lose all your money, no matter how much money you have in it, whether it was a scam or not.

How to play online card games and always win by folding

A quick game is a type of game that doubles your bet if you lose and returns you to your original bankroll if you win. This way of playing coin toss is guaranteed to make you profitable if you firmly grasp the following factors:

  • Psychology: Calmly pursue to the end
  • Initial capital: Enough money to last until the bet is won
  • Calculate a reasonable bet for the first game
  • Think of this game like this. The player bets 50,000 on the first game. Bet the game after 100,000 if you lose and bet 200,000 if you lose. If your bet wins, your stake will be returned from the original capital of 50,000.

Normally the odds of this game are 50 – 50 for example even – red white. Don’t rush to play with multi-way bets because it reduces your chances of winning.

Note: If you want to make a living from gambling, we recommend using hacking apps in moderation. Relying on this weakens your judgment.

Online coin toss betting formula and how to play

This formula means that the game results can be used as a benchmark for the following three games: This is a technique used by many players and has a win rate of up to 80%.

Suppose you evaluate your table with strange results. After this game, you can skip betting. in two games. In the next round with big bets, you bet Odd because you have a very high chance of winning. Indications for betting on this game:

Tips for shaking discs

The betting table usually announces the amount of money to be placed on the bet. To secure money and finances, homes often have tools to minimize losses and realize results. These tools give priority to choosing doors with fewer players. This is because if there are more bettors at the door, they will pay less. Therefore, it is also the most popular way to play coin toss online. This is also a trick that can be applied to a real casino. Of course this trick only applies to smaller bookmakers, they also do not run their tools often to avoid suspicion from players. Anyway, this is a good trick and gives you a chance.
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To play online coin toss, if you want to win, you must have a strong mentality

It’s a simple trick, but not everyone rolls the dice consistently. The speed of each game is fast, the amount of money going in and out in a short time makes many people overwhelmed. They easily become demoralized if they lose too much due to previous big wins or throw too much money into the game. This is an important point in evaluating the difference between beginner and advanced. Professionals always have win-loss points to stop and stabilize. If you notice any unusual mood changes, you can even pause the game to calm yourself and avoid making wrong decisions.

There is no way to win every game when playing dice online

Playing all in or all in is usually done when the blood is hot. The bettor loses too much and loses his temper, creating an opportunity to place a hopeful bet to save the situation. The player’s mentality at this time is win or lose, but often only invisible drops of water are seen. This type of bet simply ends up empty-handed and has no chance of making a profit. Luck doesn’t always smile, so if you want to win, don’t play that way.


Playing dice is not as difficult as many people think. Most importantly, are you familiar with the law and are you following the tips above? If the answer is yes, you will definitely win.

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